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Collection: Shampoo & Conditioner Soap Bars

Discover a new level of luxury with our range of shampoo bars blended with high quality ingredients and sophisticated scents. Each solid shampoo bar is lovingly wrapped with wax paper to protect the shampoo soap and helps create less waste than the alternative plastic shampoo bottles.

Our eco friendly shampoo soap bars are not only good for the environment but they're great for your hair too. Our shampoo bars are free from harmful ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) and SLES.  SLS is a chemical that is traditionally used to help shampoo lather up but can be harsh on the scalp. Since we never use SLS in any of our shampoo bars, our hair soap will not create the suds a standard liquid shampoo would make but your scalp will be left feeling healthier.

Continued use of our shampoo soap bars will help to banish any silicone left from traditional shampoos.

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