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What to put in a Christmas Eve box

Buying or making your own Christmas Eve box is a growing tradition with parents in the UK. It’s a great way to help make Christmas come early for the little people in your life. 

What is a Christmas Eve box?

It’s a box presented on Christmas Eve filled with treats and meaningful gifts. Christmas Eve boxes can be filled with whatever you like and be given to whoever you like and the contents of the box varies depending on who you’re giving the box to. Christmas Eve boxes can be filled with items to encourage the kids to go to sleep early, or everything Santa and his reindeers need on his arrival into your home.

Where to buy a Christmas Eve box? We stock a range of personalised Christmas boxes made from wood and are hand painted. Or if you wanted to get a little creative, you have the option of making your own handmade version of a Christmas Eve box.

Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas

Here’s a few ideas that the kids would love;

1. Reindeer Food

To help reindeers keep their energy levels up leave them a quick snack; magic reindeer food. Sprinkle the food just outside your front door so the  magical reindeers can have a nibble whilst Santa is busy placing presents under the tree.

You can make your own using a receipe from the RSPCA website or buy a ready made pack (coming soon to Kika!) Remember not to be tempted to buy or make any reindeer food containing glitter or even editable glitter as this can really upset the tummy of reindeers and could cause long term damage to other wildlife. Remember, no glitter.

2. New pyjamas 

Who doesn’t love getting into a new snuggly pair of pyjamas. Let your little one get cosy in festive pyjamas whilst they wait for Santa.

3. A Santa Key

Most modern houses no longer have chimneys or fireplaces. So you may be asked by your inquisitive child; how does Santa get into the house? You now have the answer... Leave a ‘Magic Key’ outside. Leave this key outside and with Santa’s magic touch, the key will turn the lock. When Santa has dropped off all the presents and before letting himself out, he can place the magic key on the Christmas tree for you little one to find later on Christmas evening.

Shop Magic Santa Keys 

4. Slippers

Keep toes toasty on Christmas Eve with a cosy pair of slippers or fluffy socks.

5. DIY Hot Chocolate

Warm your little ones belly with a hot chocolate or some warm milk and get them settled for cuddles and a story 

6. A Special Christmas Mug

Why not make that warm milk or hot coco a bit more special in a personalised Christmas mug or a cute novelty cup.

7. Story book or a Christmas Eve story book

Once the excitement of opening their box is over, you can all get settled with your hot coco and a Christmas Eve book.

8.  A Christmas Film

Instead of a book you could include a Christmas film in your Christmas Eve box. Watch the same film every year and make it a tradition.

9. Popcorn

You have the film, your little one is snuggled up in their new pyjamas and slippers. All you need now is some popcorn.

10. Personalised letter from Santa

What better way to finish Christmas Eve off, than with a personalised letter from Father Christmas, himself.